Fishing is my number one passion and I am extremely luck to have been able to turn that into my living as well as being supported by a great company in Frogleys Offshore.

Living in Brisbane, Aaron had the opportunity to target a huge range of species over the years, from Bream to Marlin and everything in between.

Adam Crowfoot Biography Fishing started off for Adam at an early age, spending most weekends standing next to his dad on the beach catching the usual species along the local beaches in the Port Stephens area. Things evolved from there, pretty quickly realizing he wanted to challenge himself further in catching the same species on…

What is your work when not fishing:
I work at Ballina Marineland boat sales as the senior salesman.

Anthony Wishey

I was introduced to fishing by my father and was soon fishing Club Competitions at the age of 8.

Brad Chin Biography Like most other hardcore fisho’s, I’ve always loved boats, fishing, surfing and being on or around the water. Whether it’s fishing from a Boat, Kayak or Shore based, Fishing is a major part of my life. I’ve grown up in Southern Sydney and not a day goes by when I don’t think…

I can still remember getting excited when Dad would come home with snapper in the back of the old family car from one of his overnight adventures.

Brad Marshall Biography Brad’s passion for fishing has only grown into an obsession since he has got older. He started fishing when he was about 5 years old on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and now lives in South East Queensland. He gets out onto the water at least twice a week chasing everything from…

I am passionate to share my skills and experience with anyone that wishes to participate in this great pastime,so please come up and say high should you see us out and about and we will be very happy to answer any questions you have .

I am forever thinking up new ways to coax these wily fish into eating an artificial offering.

Chris Britton Biography Chris has been fishing since he was a toddler, cutting his teeth on bread and butter species in his early years. Just over 13 years ago, he turned his hand to lure fishing for bream and the tournament scene, having a blast and lucky enough to win a tournament or 2 along…

Growing up in Forster, I have been surrounded by water my whole life. Fishing on the break wall and on the riverbank with my dad and brother until I was old enough to get my first boat

My name is Chris, I’m 23 years old and, much like anyone likely to be reading this, I am addicted to fishing.

I love being out on the ocean. It is where i feel alive and free. I enjoy the aspect of the hunt, Its the fish vs Me. I love the challenge and the excitement the ups and downs fishing offers. I get a kick out of seeing my mates pumped when they bring in a fish of a…

have been very fortunate to have just been sponsored by ‘’Majorcraft rods”,through Frogley’s Offshore who distribute the Japanese designed rods here in Australia.

At 16 years of age, I am a diehard recreational angler from the Central Queensland region, spending more time on the water than on dry land, I live and breathe the best lifestyle…the lifestyle of a fisherman.

My favorite methods of fishing include shallow flats and edges using hardbodies where the Megabass X 55 in Avocado is a real standout.

Darren Moore

My passion for fishing started when I was 8 years old. I learnt to fish Westernport in Victoria and have never looked back. I love chasing trophy fish and equally enjoy seeing mate’s land a PB. Fishing is a huge part of my life & good for the Soul.

In next to no time I became the youngest in Victoria to get the coxswains ticket and own my own cray boat at 18

Henry Smith

I have been fishing from a young age and now at 17 years of age I’m a true fishing addict. From the humble days of Bream on worms, I am a purist lure fisherman and love chasing anything that swims, but in particular Bass in the local impoundments, Murray cod in the local rivers and…

“I didn’t stand a chance I was born into it”

My name is Jamie Bowden I love fishing and everything that goes with it! Most of my fishing is done in my Hobie Kayak. Bream is one of my favourite species to catch but enjoy any type of fishing.

Jason Harrip

I call Cairns home now but I am originally from Mildura, Victoria, I spent my childhood down on the banks of the mighty Murray River, drowning worms and having a blast with my mates. This style of fishing soon gave way to trolling large lures from the back of a tinny, in search of the…

I spend as much time on the water as I can, and love to teach new people the sport of lure fishing so if you see me on the water or ramp, come up & say hi.

Joe Allen

When social fishing Joe loves to chase both mangrove jack and bream on top water throughout the waterways of his home river, the Nerang and its maze of canals.

I’ve been hooked on fishing since I can remember catching my first fish, a slimy mackerel on a hand line.

Joshua Davey

For most people, fishing is just a simple hobby to pass the time or to catch a feed. For me, this simply isn’t the case!

My interest in tournament fishing took off however when I was gifted a DVD featuring the AFC (Australia Fishing Championship).

Joe is a legend, but we’ll get to that a bit later…   It all started with walking around the filleting table in a diaper picking around in Dad’s left over fish frames from the great day he just had with Mum, my older brother or mates. It had me intrigued and I couldn’t wait…

Justin Blythe

Fishing has become a very big part of my life, from not fishing since I was a kid to now living to fish whenever possible. Love the adventure of fishing and anticipation waiting for that rod to bend. ”hooked”   Social Media Facebook: Instagram: justinblythe1980 Fishbrain: JJB1980 Twitter: @blythe_justin

Karl Attenborough

I have specialised in shallow water flats fishing for over 25 years, and also in Murray Cod fishing in the New England area of NSW. Affectionately known as “The Crocodile Whisperer” (that’s big flathead, not the bitey ones). I have a passion for shallow water fishing and preserving stocks of breeding Flathead. My PB flathead…

Leighton Beer

Growing up in Tasmania I have been spoilt for choice with a widely diverse fishery. I love exploring new waterways and the thrill of the chase! Being a shift worker I get to enjoy mid-week days off, often allowing me to explore in seclusion. Bream, Trout, Flathead, Kingfish, Snapper, Squid, Tuna and Sharks are all…

Lex Irwin Biography Lex Irwin has been fishing since he was 7 years old. He lives for fishing whether it is fishing socially or competitively. He loves all forms of fishing including estuary, off-shore, beach and impoundments. He’s fished across many areas in Queensland, NSW and Northern Territory. He lives in Wellington Point – a…

Growing up on the NSW far south coast , fishing has been apart of my life from a very early age. My “reel addiction” and passion for fishing started not long after my parent’s decided to purchase a house on 40 acres with river frontage. “unknowingly at the time” this river was full of big…

My mad keen fishing obsession has been imbedded deep within my bones since I was old enough to physically pick up a rod and reel and has been a passion since the tender age of 3 or 4.

In early 2012 I purchased a Hobie Outback kayak, which allowed me to get into the Bream Tournament scene and fish the kayak bream comps

In the future I hope to start my very own fishing charter out of Brisbane and be a specialist lure fishing guide. I also hope to be known as one of Australia’s best all round angler with tournament wins in every form of tournament Fishing.

Michael has been fishing since he was born with fishing running deep through his veins.

My favourite species on lure without a doubt would be bream, be it black or yellowfin. They are available up and down the east coast of Australia and put on a great fight when matched with suitable gear.

Nigel discovered lure fishing at an early age and has never looked back. Bream and bass are his passion, but will often wander further afield chasing barra, cod and trout. Estuary’s, wild streams and tranquil rivers are as good as it gets for him. As long as he as a lure in the water, he…

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Some words about us

As part of our extensive research and development, Frogleys Offshore supports a variety of journalists and competitive fishermen to test and promote fishing gear we produce. A majority of the team are competitive bream, bass and competition anglers who have all had strong results over the years.

We select these anglers based on their fishing ability and how often they can get us feedback to make our products the best they can be so you can catch more fish. They are all expert anglers who know the value of quality gear.