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Bassday Crystal Popper 70

Bassday Crystal Popper 70 Bassday are a high-quality Japanese lure manufacturer producing a range of lures to suit inshore and offshore fishing. The Crystal Popper 55mm has been in the line-up for years. Perfect for anglers looking for a small yet heavy lure that casts a mile with a small profile. They have now added…


Gamakatsu Single Lure Hook HD

Gamakatsu Single Lure Hook HD The Single Lure Hook Heavy Duty hook is a tin coloured, super heavy-duty hook for poppers, stick baits and even trolling lures. The hook features a 90-degree eye and an inline hook point. Built to a 3x strong rating, this is an excellent hook for GTs, coral trout and kingfish.…


Atomic Semi Hardz Soft Pop

Atomic Semi Hardz Soft Pop The Atomic Semi Hardz range is expanding with the addition of a soft touch, extremely life-like popper. The new lure will come in at 50mm and 75mm modelled of the extremely popular Pop 50 in the Hardz range. The new construction is a soft, hollow rubber with a hard face.…


How to catch bass on cicadas

Without doubt, one of my favourite ways to chase Australian bass is in small streams on the south coast of New South Wales. This is my home area, however, bass can range from the most southern parts of the mainland up to south east Queensland. All you need is a rod, a hand full of…


Majorcraft Jigpara new colours

JigPara new colours The Majorcraft Jigpara range of metal jigging lures have been a hit in Australia with the first shipment selling out quickly. There are dozens of options covering inshore to offshore fishing, bream to snapper and beyond. New across the entire range are three new ‘real fish’ colours resembling a pilchard, mackerel, and…


Majorcraft New Flourocarbon Leaders

Dangan Flourocarbon The Majorcraft Dangan FC or fluorocarbon is a new leader range for light and heavy tackle fishing. Majorcraft’s engineers have spent countless hours to ensure that the Dangan FC has properties such as flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, and strong knot holding abilities. Fluorocarbon is a popular leader material due to its low stretch,…


How to target snapper on plastics

I love fishing for Snapper with Soft Plastics because I enjoy the challenge of targeting the bigger trophy fish, the fish of a lifetime. When all the hard work, research & countless hours comes together and you land, photograph & release that beast to fight another day, there is nothing better. I also enjoy the…


How to jig for kingfish

Kingfish are arguably the toughest and dirtiest fighting inshore pelagic fish that Australia has to offer. The best way to experience this relentless power is through jigging. Most people are of the opinion that catching fish on light gear provides the best sport, however I think holding on to a big fish with heavy drag…