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Gamakatsu Tuned Tuna Hook

Gamakatsu Tuned Tuna Hook  The Tuned Tuna hook is a forged steel, super heavy duty, heavy-tackle game fishing hook. It is a multi-purpose design but predominately is built for pre-rig trolling skirts, can be stitched into baits and is also an excellent stiff rig hook. It is an excellent hook for marlin and tuna. It…


Atomic Arrowz Egi Series

Atomic Egi Rods Atomic Arrowz are the best value fishing rods on the market today. Combining advanced graphite blanks with the world’s best rod building equipment, there is no comparison when it comes to quality and value. In a rapidly expanding line-up, Atomic Arrowz have introduced an Egi series, combing two rods of 8’3 length.…


Atomic Arrowz Specialty Series, Shore Spin

Atomic Arrowz Shore Spin Atomic Arrowz are the best value fishing rods on the market. We recognise that some of us are always looking for that extra edge and something just a little different so, we developed a Specialty Series which contains a Shore Spin model. The blank is agile, strong and robust with excellent…


Atomic Arrowz Casting Rods

Casting Rods Atomic Arrowz rods represent the best value for money rods on the market today and the range just expanded with the introduction of the all new Casting rods. With a Barra series already in place, the Casting rods were designed as an all-rounder. They are available in two lengths, 5’6 and 6’6 and…


Atomic Arrowz Skinny Water Rods

Atomic Skinny Water Rods Manhandling a long rod in tight water is an absolute nightmare and often ends in heartbreak. Resulting from customer feedback, Atomic Arrowz have introduced two Skinny Water models for kayak and shore-based anglers looking for an affordable way to fish those tight waterways. They combine high quality components into a blank…


Majorcraft Giant Killing PG Spec

Giant Killing PG Spec The Majorcraft Giant Killing range has expanded with the addition of the new P.G Spec Plugging rods. The new rods stay true to the focus of the Giant Killing range, hard fighting offshore fish. The rods feature Fuji SiC K Frame guides bound onto a supremely strong and light, high modulus…


Atomic Hardz Jerk Minnow 80

Hardz Jerk Bait 80 (HJM80) The Atomic Hardz Jerk Minnow is now available in an 80mm version. The lure has been designed to handle multiple retrieve speeds. It is perfect for bream, bass and even mangrove jack. The Jerk Minnnow has an erratic action, with an attention-grabbing side-to-side darting motion when retrieved with a stop/start…


Atomic Hardz Power Minnow

Power Minnow The versatile Power Minnow has a unique shape and comes in two sizes. Designed to resemble a mullet, the Power Minnow can be cast and retrieved or trolled. During testing, we landed a 1.65m mackerel. The Power Minnow swims with a slow deliberate wobble through the water when cast and retrieved. Being a…


Atomic Hardz Dragstar

Dragstar The Dragster is the culmination of a hundred protypes and 18 months of research and development to bring our own trolling lure to life. We have tested this extensively with the 130mm models capable of swimming at 15 knots and the 190mm lengths at 18 knots. This is not just a high-speed lure. The…


Gamakatsu P-Flex Hooks

Gamakatsu P-Flex Single Lure Hook  The P-Flex Single Lure Hook is a single lure hook rigged on an assist. The assist, a braided cord with a short length make the P-Flex ideal for lure fishing where a single hook is desirable.   The P-Flex is available in three sizes, #1, 1/0 and 2/0, and features an extra strong heavy-duty hook.  The P-Flex will be perfect for anyone…


Atomic Hardz Slim Twitcher

Slim Twitcher The new Slim Twitcher is an innovative shaped casting lure suitable for bluewater and even impoundment use. This is a classic jerk bait. The lure comes in 95mm up to 145mm lengths covering a wide range of predatory fish. The lighter 95mm length are suspending, allowing anglers to slowly work the lure next…


Atomic Hardz Jerk Minnow 65 Trout Colours

Atomic Hardz Jerk Minnow 65 Trout Colours The versatile Jerk Minnow is a go-to trout lure for our ambassadors and it now comes in six unique trout specific colours. The lure has been carefully balanced to produce an action capable of multiple retrieves. It has an attention-grabbing side-to-side cadence that will invoke an aggressive response…