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How to jig for kingfish

Kingfish are arguably the toughest and dirtiest fighting inshore pelagic fish that Australia has to offer. The best way to experience this relentless power is through jigging. Most people are of the opinion that catching fish on light gear provides the best sport, however I think holding on to a big fish with heavy drag…


Which is the right treble?

Finding the perfect lure is an almost impossible task. On any given day any lure may outperform another, which is why I assume many anglers have tackle boxes crammed full of lures in varying sizes and designs. In any case, choosing a lure comes down to three main factors, action, castability, colour and durability. You’re…


Atomic Arrowz Egi Series

Atomic Egi Rods Atomic Arrowz are the best value fishing rods on the market today. Combining advanced graphite blanks with the world’s best rod building equipment, there is no comparison when it comes to quality and value. In a rapidly expanding line-up, Atomic Arrowz have introduced an Egi series, combing two rods of 8’3 length.…