Tristan Taylor


Originally from Victoria, my family moved to the sunshine coast whilst I was still young. This is where my fishing addiction began!

Spending hours live-baiting for flathead, trevally and anything else with fins was a good apprenticeship with the guidance of my old man.

My first lure caught fish was a fat Moogerah bass on a hardbody and I’ve hardly looked back to bait since!

I was instantly hooked on the tournament scene after entering a Gold Coast summer series BREAM comp with good mate Dave Mckenzie back in 2007. We initially fished tournaments out of my Quintrex Hornet 400 and Dave’s Abalone Bow Rider and had a ball in the canals.

Surface fishing was one of my favorite techniques in the canals and is still one of my favorite techniques for catching bream in tournaments. One of the first lures I ever used in Moreton Bay was the Megabass Dog-x Jr in Modena Bone colour and it’s caught me more kilo bream than any other lure I’ve used to date. Anywhere you find shallow reefy or weedy flats, this lure should be tied on!

My other favorite from the Frogleys Offshore stable is the Atomic Hardz mid crank. This lure has landed me two 2nd place finishes at BREAM Grand Finals and has been involved in every top ten ABT I’ve ever fished.

My favorite spots to fish for bream are the Derwent River, Redcliffe and Mallacoota. These are definitely all places every bream angler should visit at least once

Other than bream I love fishing for Jew and occasionally get out after bass. Big Jew can be technically hard to catch and pull like freight trains. But thanks to fellow Frogleys angler Dave Mckenzie and a pair of snell rigged Gamakatsu 7-0′s, I’ve been having my fair share of big Jew hitting the deck.

I have been fishing out of my Bassday wrapped ZX200 Skeeter over the last few years and have been addicted to the speed and versatility of these great bass boats. My new Phoenix 719 Pro XP is about to arrive on Australian shores very soon and I can’t wait to start fishing out of this beast.

When I’m not out on the water, I’m working as a dentist or planning the next fishing trip!

If you see me on the water or at a tournament come over and say hi, it’s always good to speak with like minded anglers.



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