Tom Deer


From a very early age I have loved fishing, at first it was fishing with my Father off the Wallaroo and Rapid Bay jetties while on school holidays. Our main focus in those days was Garfish, Tommies (Australian Herring) and Snook. Occasionally we would have a crack at Squid, Whiting, Mullet, Snapper and Yellow Tail Kingfish, with the latter usually ending with some lost terminal tackle.

Always interested in new ways to catch fish.

Before I reached my teen years I had branched out into Fly Fishing for Trout and later on I was chasing other species as well. Fly Fishing became a major part of my life and as I fished my way around Europe, Nth America, New Zealand and all parts of Australia, occasionally working as a guide in Tasmania, New Zealand and Switzerland.

A few years ago while on a trip to North Queensland, my interest in lure fishing was once again fired up and this lead me to luring for Bream and consequently Tournament Fishing. The natural progression to boat ownership was an obvious one and I now enjoy exploring new opportunities and locations in my BlueFin Tomcat for lure munching fish.

With Tournament fishing came a new list of challenges, not the least being expenses, and through my regular contribution to Fishing Magazines and the help of sponsors I am fortunate to be in a position to follow my passion.