Steven Eldred


Steve’s love for fishing is undoubtedly a passion second to none. His vast knowledge of both saltwater and freshwater applications makes Steve’s brain an extensive encyclopedia that some would say may even rival Google. Starting his fishing career as a young jetty rat, he soon developed a knack for remembering when, where and how fish were caught on every outing. Over time, this recall skill combined with extensive fishing opportunities has led Steve to being one of the most technical minds amongst the tournament fraternity.

Whether it is chasing massive bass at Somerset Dam or wrestling big bream in the shallows of Moreton Bay, his mind never sleeps as he is constantly searching for and testing new ideas and techniques. Steve believes this attention to detail is imperative when fishing, whether tournaments or recreationally, as it can turn an average day into one to remember.

Steve’s favourite type of fishing is surface luring due to the visual excitement it brings when a strike is imminent.

Bass coming out of snags to ingest a popper rates high on Steve’s scale but the real rush comes when kilo-plus bream smash his walking lure in the shallow waters of Moreton Bay’s Islands.

“Seeing a bow wave heading towards your lure makes you hold your breath” explains Steve and he often encounters bream with their dorsal fins out of water fighting to get a piece of his lure on his home waters. “It’s a blast”.

When not competing in tournaments, Steve uses his vast knowledge of the bay to chase his third love Snapper. He loves the challenge of trying new techniques to tame these feisty bay maulers and gets great satisfaction when they achieve a result.

His all time favourite lure is the Atomic Crank 38 with the mid and deep diving models most suited to his shallow water fishing style. For his topwater attack, he loves the weight and length of the Megabass Dog X Jr which allows for long castability, imperative when fishing surface applications.

The tournament scene is what drives Steve to become a better angler and he loves the challenge competition and the opportunity to showcase his angling skills. He has competed in bream and bass tournaments for over eight years and is always impressed with the talents of new and upcoming anglers, which, in turn fuels his own advancement as he strives to come out on top in any event.

When not fishing, Steve is an Auto Electrician specialist with his family owned company, Battery Traders. His attention to detail and methodical mind makes him not only a great auto electrician but an angler to watch at any tournament. When paired up with fellow Frogley’s tournament angler Aaron Sharp, there is not much they can’t catch and there is nothing they can’t fix!

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