Salty Dogs

Salty Dogs (Zac Panaretos & Simon Fisher)


Salty Dog’s recently came about as a menagerie of young gents whose hobbies all revolved around the ocean. Surfing and bodyboarding down at the local beach, Tamarama in Sydney’s east, the wolfpack slowly came to assemble and gradually transformed from running up and down the coast chasing waves to running up and down the coast chasing fish. Zac Panaretos and Simon Fisher both grew up on bread and butter fishing in the local rivers with bream and flathead being the diet staples. It was only a matter of time however until it the allure of the offshore became the focus and brought the crew into it’s current form.

We now explore a number of different forms of fishing including inshore sportfishing, reef fishing and offshore game fishing. That said it would be downright rude not to dabble in some kayak fishing for bass and fun with the lighter gear in estuaries. However it is in the salt spray of the ocean where we all most familiar. As members of the Sydney Game Fishing Club (SGFC), we have been competitive in a variety of game fishing competitions and continue to compete throughout NSW.


Over the years the armada has chopped and changed significantly. Starting out in the humble tinnie, progressing through a myriad of trailer boat, to where we are at now. Currently the fleet is a mix of centre consoles, half cabins and the recent addition of a true game boat. The variety of vessels is the key to success when running up and down the coast, allowing the flexibility and range to successfully chase whatever pelagic is running down the coast that week.

Our goals for the up and coming year are many, but to catch a broadbill sword fish is sitting right up at the top of the list. Numerous attempts out of Sydney and off the south coast have yielded great by-catch such as a variety of different tuna including Big Eye/Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna in excess of 130kg, but the broadie has so far eluded us. With the recent development of the fishery in Tasmania the wheels are in motion to tick this elusive species off the bucket list. To improve our chances we are looking at a trip to Tasmania where game fisherman seem to catch them more regularly. Additional trips include our annual trip to the Great Barrier Reef , Lord Howe Island and Elizabeth Reef and numerous others up and down the coast.


Basically, we enjoy having fun in the ocean. Plenty of beers, music and banter… What better way to do it than whilst fishing with your best mates.

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