Chris Britton Biography Chris has been fishing since he was a toddler, cutting his teeth on bread and butter species in his early years. Just over 13 years ago, he turned his hand to lure fishing for bream and the tournament scene, having a blast and lucky enough to win a tournament or 2 along…

Nigel discovered lure fishing at an early age and has never looked back. Bream and bass are his passion, but will often wander further afield chasing barra, cod and trout. Estuary’s, wild streams and tranquil rivers are as good as it gets for him. As long as he as a lure in the water, he…

Fishing for me has been in my blood since I can remember, catching bream off the Urangan peir at Hervey bay with my parents and siblings.

Anthony Wishey

I was introduced to fishing by my father and was soon fishing Club Competitions at the age of 8.

Fishing is my number one passion and I am extremely luck to have been able to turn that into my living as well as being supported by a great company in Frogleys Offshore.

Basically, we enjoy having fun in the ocean. Plenty of beers, music and banter… What better way to do it than whilst fishing with your best mates.

“I didn’t stand a chance I was born into it”

Joe is a legend, but we’ll get to that a bit later…   It all started with walking around the filleting table in a diaper picking around in Dad’s left over fish frames from the great day he just had with Mum, my older brother or mates. It had me intrigued and I couldn’t wait…

In next to no time I became the youngest in Victoria to get the coxswains ticket and own my own cray boat at 18

At 16 years of age, I am a diehard recreational angler from the Central Queensland region, spending more time on the water than on dry land, I live and breathe the best lifestyle…the lifestyle of a fisherman.

In early 2012 I purchased a Hobie Outback kayak, which allowed me to get into the Bream Tournament scene and fish the kayak bream comps

I can still remember getting excited when Dad would come home with snapper in the back of the old family car from one of his overnight adventures.