Mathew Hubbard


Fishing wasn’t a choice for me it was a way of life. Coming from a commercial fishing family I learnt to fish before I learnt to walk. Fishing all started with early morning get ups heading to Redcliffe to catch winter whiting in my father’s 3.8m Quintrex. These memories are still with me to this day and the bread and butter species should never be forgotten. As our family home backs onto north pine dam as I got older I found myself on school holidays walking around north pine dam and flicking my father timber lures for big bass. I had no idea what i was doing and use to tie my 20lb braid straight to the lure, its amazing how many fish I still caught. This form of fishing got me addicted to lures and since then lure fishing has been my favoured form of fishing.

A couple of my favourite forms of fishing is dropping Big live baits on Gamakatsu Big Bait Circle hooks for Big King fish, Amberjack and Samson fish. And using Atomic Semi-HardzVibsfor Threadfin Salmon and Jew fish in the Brisbane River.

In my teenager years I then started working on the family Trawler this lead to me having more offshore GPS fishing marks then anyone could ever ask for. I then took a job as a deck hand on Moreton Island Fishing charters. While working the deck I then started completing all AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) requirements to complete my captain’s ticket. After 2 years I finally completed on necessary requirements and obtained my Coxswains grade one. This would have to be my Greatest fishing accomplishment thus far. I am now skippering Moreton Island Fishing charters and am loving every moment of it. Catching fish is fun but taking out someone young or old who has never really caught a fish and getting them onto the fish of a lifetime is what it is all about for me these days. When I’m not on fishing charters you will find me fishing the Brisbane River or competing in tournaments. Winter sees me fishing the GTS (Gamakatsu Team Series) Bream tournament circuit and summer sees me fishing QGFA (Queensland Game Fishing Association) Game Fishing Tournaments.

In the future I hope to start my very own fishing charter out of Brisbane and be a specialist lure fishing guide.  I also hope to be known as one of Australia’s best all round angler with tournament wins in every form of tournament Fishing.

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