Luke Galea

Luke Galea


My mad keen fishing obsession has been imbedded deep within my bones since I was old enough to physically pick up a rod and reel and has been a passion since the tender age of 3 or 4. Believe it or not, I still remember my first fish! These days, I can barely remember what happened a week or so ago but for some strange reason, the memory of my first ever piscatorial adventure and the first initial take of a site-casted spangled perch remains engrained within my memory with so much clarity it is as if it happened an hour ago.

I live and breathe fishing.

I now live in Mackay and am extremely fortunate with the amount of fishing opportunities available on my doorstep. Saltwater estuaries, brackish waterholes, sweetwater locations, stocked impoundments, inshore/offshore reefs, rocky headlands and beachside gutters provide a long list of avenues available to the piscatorial hunter around Mackay. The diversity is literally endless!

In between my fishin’ missions, I spend a considerable amount of time writing for 5 State and nationally distributed fishing magazines and have done so for the past 6 years. I also do a bit of work with Tourism Mackay and Tourism and Events Queensland promoting Mackay as a fishing destination in its own right rather than being a location you pass through on your way to northern fishing grounds. Type “hooked on Mackay” into youtube and you will see a short fishing clip we made to promote some of the regions many fishing opportunities.

It is largely through my writing that I received my sponsorship with Frogleys Offshore and for this opportunity, I am forever grateful.

I have an arsenal of around 16 rods and reels but my absolute favourite rod is my 6-12lb Samurai Infinite. This pocket rocket is an absolute weapon and is my “go-to” when chasing estuarine species on plastics. I can cast the lightest plastics and hardbodied lures an absolute mile and has the strength in the butt section to subdue many of our northern iconic sports fish, including barramundi, mangrove jack, salmon and queenfish.

Anyone who has read any of my past magazine articles and/or blogs will know how much I idolise the 3 inch Atomic Plazo Prong (particularly Carolina Pumpkin Holograph colour). This legendary prawn imitation would have to be one of the best imitations on the market and deserves its pedestal in the archives of the most legendary lures of all time! I wouldn’t think there would be too many prawns that would die of old age that’s for sure. Absolutely everything eats them. Double hopping this little softy across structure is like ringing the dinner bell at a sumo convention.

To see my fishing adventures around the Mackay Whitsunday region, follow me on facebook – LukesFishinMission