Connor Duffy

Connor Duffy


At 16 years of age, I am a diehard recreational angler from the Central Queensland region, spending more time on the water than on dry land, I live and breathe the best lifestyle…the lifestyle of a fisherman.

My fascination with nature and the marine ecosystem was born at an early stage in my life, jumping at thechance to tangle withour finned friends. I began my fishing endeavours at a young age, baiting the local estuaries and beaches or trying my luck while on holidays with the family.

A routine trip up to one of our local estuaries when I was around 11 years of age saw the humble flathead smack my soft plastic offering, introducing a whole new addiction, exclusive lure fishing. Quickly I gained confidence in this method of fishing and began targeting ‘switched on’ species such as Bream and Barramundi.

The finesse side of lure fishing and the adrenalin rush of light gear sports fishing soon grew on me and I began trying to catch the biggest fish on the lightest gear possible. Over the years I progressed from the Plastics side of things into the Jerk Bait evolution, opening my account with the deadly little Atomic Bream Shads.

The Bream Shads quickly became a firm favourite of mine, on their first outing they claimed several Bream over that magic 40cm mark including my standing PB of 48cm…never before had I experienced a lure session of this magnitude. Slowly I began to push the boundaries of this little profile chasing the iconic Barramundi, the largest of which I’ve tempted on the Bream Shads was a chunky 780 chromie on the crystal clear flats. To this day I still have the Bream Shad to thank for my sponsorship with Frogleys Offshore and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I have to represent such a company.

Since the birth of my fishing obsession, I have expanded into various forms of social media in the attempt to educate and inspire others to get out there and make the most of this amazing country we call home. If you’re interested in all things fishing or perhaps you just want to get in contact with me, feel free to jump over to one of my following media pages and have a browse for yourself;

YouTube:               Connor’s Fishin’ Frenzy
Instagram:             @connorsfishinfrenzy
Facebook:             Connor’s Fishin’ Frenzy

These days I spend every minute I have on the water slowing laying down pieces to my fishing puzzle, experimenting and absorbing everything I can to form a greater understanding of the marine ecosystem. The elusive Mangrove Jack remains at the pinnacle of my species list these days and is a fish I have gained an exorbitant amount of respect for. The thrill of knowing that it is not you that is controlling the fish, but the fish that is controlling you keeps me coming back again and again after these brutal red devils.

Over the years my obsession with light tackle sports fishing has carried over into my Mangrove Jack angling where my 2-4lb Samurai Reaction and my 3-7lb Majorcraft Volkey are my two combos of choice. With Jacks becoming my predominant target species I have slowly veered away from the crank bait scene and returned to where it all began for me, fishing soft plastics tight to structure on EWG hooks. For this addictive style of fishing I find there to be no better profile on the market than the Atomic 3” Prong rigged weedless and delivered right to the fish’s doorstep.

If you see me around the place, whether it be on the water or in your local tackle store, feel free to come and have a chat. I always get a buzz from meeting and exchanging knowledge with my followers or likeminded people who live and breathe the same passion I do.

Tight lines,