Bryce Calvert


My love for fishing started at a young age and like most, introduced to the sport by my grandad. Any spare bit of time he had would be spent by wetting a line, and often I would be alongside watching how he would tie knots, rig the squid strips onto a hook and then be in awe at how he managed to cast those cork hand lines.

As I grew up I made the transition from bait fishing to the fascinating world of targeting fish on lures, starting out by throwing soft plastics for flathead and slowly progressed into refining my techniques into bream. And even now I am forever thinking up new ways to coax these wily fish into eating an artificial offering.

In my opinion the fishing on offer is at times on par with any other waterway around Australia.

While I have been targeting bream for a number of years socially, 3 years ago i took up the challenge of tournament bream fishing, I really enjoy the different techniques that can be used for targeting bream. My favourite is rolling hard body lures, that initial ‘bump’ followed by the sound of the drag screaming will never tire with me.

When not pre fishing for an upcoming bream tournament I enjoy chasing bass in tight tucked away creeks as well as jewfish on lures in the number of waterways around Sydney.

By day I drive a truck for a living around Sydney metro area.

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