Brad Morante

Brad Morante


I know it is a cliché but fishing truly is in my blood.My Grandfather was the first charter boat operator in my area(Port Stephens), taking out party’s of fisherman on his old oyster launch”VENUS”,selling them bait to supplement his oyster growing and handline fishing income.My earliest memories are of sitting with him listening to tales of 100lb+ mulloway and 120cm long flathead “thicker than your hand was long,with heads the width of a square mouth shovel”…any wonder I was hooked at an early age.We lived on the rivers,beaches and lakes and all of our spare time was spent hunting and gathering.I became somewhat obsessed with catching big mulloway off the beach and spent 1000’s of nights chasing the elusive 100 pounder(45kg is 99lb).Whilst I haven’t yet found him I have caught 100’s in the process my best being a 33kg beast caught in the broad daylight,whilst my kids watched on.Watching him in the clear 1m swells, as I inched him closer to the sand, was an awesome sight I will never forget.

These days I am lucky enough to fish bream tournaments up and down the east coast with my son Cohen, fishing as Team MajorCraft,out of our awesome MajorCraft/Gamakatsu Skeeter.

I love the fact that the tournaments take us, as a family,to new places we normally would not get a chance to fish.The competitive nature of the sport, the new friendships and the knowledge you gain from listening to other anglers is for sure an added bonus.In the tournament fishing scene there is a motto “who shares wins”……I am passionate to share my skills and experience with anyone that wishes to participate in this great pastime,so please come up and say high should you see us out and about and we will be very happy to answer any questions you have .

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