Adrian Melichor


1.    Name:
Adrian Melichor
2.     Favourite Type of fishing
bass and bream
3.     Top 3 target Species & why:
Bass -the locations where they are stocked or their natural habits. The camping at most of these places, like the dams.
Bream- because they can be caught regardless of the season. And the locations are easily accessible wether from the river at my front door to the many waterways on the coast.
Whiting- they are a great surface bite-fun!

Favourite Lure & why:
atomic metalz- easy to fish deep or shallow. They have various tow points which make it a great all round lure from shallow to deep vertical jigging.

Atomic paddle tail grubs great small profile baits for bass and you can fish them on any weights from a 1/8 of an ounce to 5/8
5.    How long have you been tournament fishing for?
9 years now. Mainly the bass pro and bass electric.
6.    What is your work when not fishing:
I work at Ballina Marineland boat sales as the senior salesman.