Fishing has been something that was shown to me at a very young age from my parents and from day one it’s something that I seriously got attached too.

I was brought up boat fishing in southern victoria in the waters of Port Phillip Bay and Bass Straight targeting the likes of snapper, whiting flathead and squid to name a few.
When I was 15, I adventured out and got work on a charter boat which I did for nearly 8 years and in the past couple years started my own guiding service known as “Reds Fishing Adventures” where I assist people in catching there desired species.


Fishing is my number one passion and I am extremely luck to have been able to turn that into my living as well as being supported by a great company in Frogleys Offshore.


My fishing is extended through out Australia but nothing can beat chasing Marlin out the east coast of NSW.

I have fond memories of landing my first marlin with out the assistance of another experienced angler on board where all the shots were called from myself and nothing felt better after all that listening, learning and effort when we landed the 108kg black marlin after 1 hour on our own little trailer boat (6m).

Since then I have been fortunate enough to land many marlin with great success.


Back at home in Port Phillip Bay, a few of my favorite species to catch are the Big female gummy sharks on offer in the winter time reaching up to 40kg, It’s a great feeling landing these big girls on 7/0 gamakatsu circles and knowing that they hook up perfectly in the corner of the jaw for us to experience a safe release back into there environment after a few photos and watch them swim off unharmed.


Another one of my favorite species to target is our tasty King George Whiting.  Once again using a gamakatsu hook but this time a long shank in a size 6, even when they decide to have a finicky bite we can still manage to hook a great feed of this species. When they decide to go crazy and eat every thing you throw at them I don’t think there is many other finesse fish that you can have as much fun on.


If your coming down the southern end of victoria and want to ask a few questions, send me a message on Facebook on ‘Reds Fishing Adventures’ and don’t forgot to say g’day down at the boat ramp


Good luck on your next adventure.

Aaron Habgood