Terry Allwood

Terry Allwood


Dream it, Live it, Love it.

Fishing for me has been in my blood since I can remember, catching bream off the Urangan peir at Hervey bay with my parents and siblings.

My introduction to freshwater fishing occurred in Gin Gin 2007 when new neighbors moved in next door, Steve Bechley showed me how it was done with many late nights on lake Monduran catching Barramundi and Bass on lake Gregory.

I moved with my own small family to the South Burnett region, which has two of the best Bass impoundments in Qld, from there I began the journey I’m on now competing in the bass tournament trails such as Basstasstic, ABT and Bass Nation. The concept behind fishing for me is not only the challenge of out smarting the fish but to socialize and enjoy the fun times.

Some of my most memorable catches have been my wife Kimberley, 15.5kg Red Empourer, 57cm Bass, 62cm Golden Perch and a small black Marlin from Fraser Island.

I also play a large role in the stocking group of lake Boondooma and it’s a real pleasure to give back to the sport that I love so much.

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