What is it?

Frogleys Offshore, and their associated brands now offer direct shipping. What that means for you is that as a consumer, you can keep the relationship with, and sales through, your favourite tackle store. This will help keep them in business and continuing to provide the same service you have come to enjoy.

It does gives you the ability to order anything you wish from the Frogleys Offshore stable of products. This includes products they may not have stocked previously.

How does it work!

  1. Shop online to and place items you with to purchase from your local tackle store in your wish list and submit the list, making sure to include your delivery address
  2. Frogleys Offshore will contact the Store and arrange them to collect payment from you.
  3. Once Store confirms, Frogleys will send goods direct to your nominated delivery address. Shipped within 48 hours of confirmation.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Wish List?

The wish list is exactly that, what you would like to purchase in a simple summary. You can use this list to get a direct delivery to your home from any tackle store.

What do I do with the Wish List?

You can take this list into any Australian tackle store that has an account with Frogleys Offshore (to find one please check store locator) and they can organise a final price and order the goods for you to get delivered directly to your place.


Why isn’t the item appearing in my wishlist?

To add something to the wish list you must select a quantity in the small box above ‘add to wishlist’.

The item must also be in stock. A blue tick under availability means the product is available. A black X in a circle means it is out of stock.

What pricing is displayed?

We display RRP pricing. The pricing available at your local store may be different to the RRP pricing displayed



What shipment methods do you offer?

We try and keep it to the cheapest but most effective method, we offer postal service and courier services.

How is freight worked out?

Freight costs are selected at time of the wish list order and it is based on weight and type of product.



What do I do if an item has been delivered incorrectly?

Please contact Frogleys Offshore and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

How do I return an item?

As the sale is still through your local tackle store, please talk to them about their return policy.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

All products are covered under our standard warranty policy as per Australian Law. To submit a warranty claim, please contact [email protected] and advise of the issue with your item.



Am I buying direct?

No you are not. We are providing a service whereby product can be shipped direct to your door while you are unable to go shopping as regularly as you used to. The sale and relationship stays with your favourite tackle store. You are still helping them stay in business by using this method of purchase.

What happens if I cant see the “Add to Cart” button?

If you are using a phone, the screen may not allow all the information to be displayed, please turn your phone sideways to landscape to access all buttons.