Gamakatsu Octopus hook

A couple of old salts were rewarded while fishing offshore on the north coast of NSW when this impressive cobia took a cut bait presented on a Gamakatsu Octopus hook. The fish was caught on a shallow reef and landed after a tough battle.

Choosing the right hook

Importance of hook selection When preparing for the big fishing trip the focus is mainly on the boat anchor rods reels etc, often the small things are overlooked.  Hooks line and leader are often taken for granted; it is just assumed that these things will do as a “one size fits all” approach. Using minimal…


Bassday Summer Whiting

The Bassday Sugapen lures are a highly effective surface lure which are deadly on sand whiting. As the warmer water starts to stir whiting into action, the Bassday Sugapen will illicit strikes when worked steadily over sand flats and will often take the bigger fish. Always carry a range of colours for best results.

Samurai B351

The samurai B351 is a beautiful little baitcaster suitable for flicking lures around for a variety of species. In my local area it is perfect for targeting Yellowbelly on hard-bodied lures with its very fast action. This 10-17lb rod offers good casting distance and plenty of power down low where it matters. I usually also…


Black Brutes on Bassdays

These two black brutes where caught at the mighty Derwent River and where part of an awesome 7 kg 5 bag weighed during pre-fish for this year’s ABT super series round. Our days brought us 25 kilo plus blacks and 90% where caught on Bassday lures shared between the Kanguko Shad 45 and the Sugar…


Gamakatsu Tuned Assist Hook

The tuned assist hook is a new addition to the extensive Gamakatsu team and continues in the tradition of quality and performance for which they are already well known. These quality Japanese hooks, available in a variety of sizes, are a hook-only set-up for vertical jigging and allow anglers to set-up their drop length according…